Tips for Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet

Tips for Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet
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Being vegan generally means that you will live a healthier lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean you’ll instantly lose weight. The secret to losing weight is not just to eat foods that conform to a vegan diet, but also to eat healthy foods that can supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. These tips will help you adhere to your food preferences while aiding in your weight loss attempts. 

Don’t Eat Substitutes

Many vegan substitutes for dairy and meat are made of soy. They aren’t bad for you occasionally but tend to contain high amounts of sodium and fat. Work with the food pyramid to develop your own recipes and menu with foods that aren’t simply replacements. 

Eat Whole Grains

Grains aren’t bad for you with weight loss if you’re eating the right ones. Whole grains include B vitamins and other nutrients your body needs. Avoid foods that contained any refined grains and move to eat whole grains. These take longer for the body to digest and keep your blood sugar stabilized longer due to slower disbursement. Simple grains include white rice, pasta, and bread while whole grains are found in whole grain pasta and brown rice. There is a large difference in how these are processed by your body and the effect the foods will have on your weight loss journey. 

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s not possible to stress how important water is for a healthy diet. Your body needs water to remain hydrated and process foods with higher levels of fiber in them. Try to get a minimum of 64oz of water a day, but more won’t hurt. You may opt to drink less water if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables with high water content. 

Avoid Sugar

The word vegan doesn’t mean healthy. A food labeled as vegan doesn’t mean it has low sugar content. Sugar is counterproductive to weight loss and should be consumed in very strict moderation. Check labels to see if sugar, also referred to as high fructose corn syrup, is in what you’re eating. You might be surprised by how many foods contain sugar. This also applies to fruit juice, since it removes many of the nutrients and adds sugar to make. 

Allow Nuts

Nuts are good for you if consumed in moderation. There are many types to try and they’re high in protein, an essential nutrient. You can also toast them for a different flavor. Stick to less than half a cup per day if weight is a concern. 

It’s possible to be a vegan and lose weight, but it requires changing your eating habits. Focus on healthier options and really modify what you eat while keeping yourself and your hunger satisfied.

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