The Healthiest Vegan Frozen Food Options

The Healthiest Vegan Frozen Food Options
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Transitioning to a vegan diet has its challenges as well as its rewards. Your body will respond in positive ways to the wonderful and nutritious foods that you eat. However, finding time to create vegan culinary masterpieces every day can be tough with a busy schedule. With proper research and meal planning, eating vegan can be done with any schedule, no matter how hectic. 

The first thing to consider when designing a vegan shopping list is to determine who you will be cooking for. Recipes may need to be doubled and thus ingredient amounts adjusted. If your family is vegan, a deep freeze could be a good investment. Large quantities of frozen produce, veggie burgers, falafel, soup, or other goodies can be stored and used in a snap. 

Selecting the Right Frozen Foods

There are many options for frozen vegan foods. Large bags of legumes like chickpeas should be added to your shopping list. Scoop out a cup or two and add to frozen or fresh veggies to make a quick, healthy meal. Stir fry vegetables can be bought in huge bags from wholesale stores or created at home after a trip to the farmer’s market. Add a jar of sauce or some vegetable broth to your list and you are on your way to a nutritious dinner. 

Vegan Frozen Food Brands

If time is really pinched, Amy’s has some really great options. The brand is not exclusively vegan but there are many options available that do not contain animal products. They tend to be lower in salt and contain non-GMO ingredients which can’t be said for every (or even most) frozen entrees. The veggie and bean burritos are a great base for a meal. Add some fresh avocado and salsa and a side of refried beans for a delicious, healthy, and convenient vegan meal. There are other options available if you prefer Thai or Chinese-style dishes. There are even cheese-less or vegan cheese pizzas! 

Another brand that provides a quick, yummy meal option for the busy vegan is Boca. While these vegan patties tend to be more processed than something you would create on your own, they are still relatively healthy and make a delicious meal when grilled and paired with a whole wheat bun and additions like onion, avocado, and tomato on top. Gardein also has some convenient, though processed frozen meal options that can satisfy the cravings for “chicken” strips, faux fish, and other treats. It is always important to check labels to be sure the choices you make are both vegan and within your level of comfort as far as sodium, calories, and carbohydrates are concerned.

Eating a healthy diet can be tough with a busy schedule or limited options for shopping. Knowing what is available in your local stores and making a thorough list before you shop can help you to be a successful vegan cook. Frozen foods are convenient and oftentimes just as nutritious as their fresh counterparts.

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