The Do’s and Don’ts of Vegan Diets

The Do’s and Don’ts of Vegan Diets
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If we could choose one thing people do wrong when they start following a vegan diet, it is that they go too fast. You need research, education, and planning. This is a major shift from most people’s traditional diet before they go vegan, so you really need to read and learn as much as you can before you begin transitioning to a vegan diet. Let’s start with some dos and don’ts.

Do: Start with Vegan Foods You Enjoy Already

A common recommendation you will get when you start researching how to transition to a vegan diet is to start with vegan-friendly foods you already have in your diet. This makes it easier to reduce dairy, eggs, and meat and stick to plant-based foods since these are meals or ingredients you know you enjoy eating.

Don’t: Be Too Strict from Day One

You should not be going “cold turkey” on the first day, where you remove all meat, fish, dairy, and eggs, and go on a super strict, raw vegan diet. This is never going to work, and you will only be left hungry and frustrated. Take it slow, keep in mind that you want it to be a smooth, simple transition to becoming a vegan and that you don’t want too many rules aside from eating vegan foods.

Do: Cook Vegan Meals for Your Entire Family

It can be hard to be the only one in your home that eats vegan dishes, not only because you watch your family eat meals you used to love, but because of the added costs. This is why it is helpful to try and incorporate more vegan meals the entire family will enjoy.

You may not have an entire vegan meal every night but incorporate more vegan options, from plant-based butter to dairy-free milk. You can switch from cream-based salad dressing to an oil-based one, add more veggies on the side, and introduce your family to Beyond Burgers and veggie burgers.

Don’t: Restrict Yourself to Salads and Fruit

Don’t make this common mistake! You need more nutrients than what a salad or piece of fruit is going to provide you. Just because you are on a vegan diet, doesn’t mean you need to eat like a rabbit. You can still enjoy a wide array of delicious foods that contain protein, iron, zinc, and so many other important vitamins and minerals.

Do: Plan and Research Ahead of Time

Spend some time in the beginning just researching vegan diets, understanding why they are beneficial, and getting some meal ideas. The more you educate yourself, the easier it will be to start and stick to your vegan lifestyle.

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