Meatless Products Can Make Meal Planning Easier

Meatless Products Can Make Meal Planning Easier
Taken by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not noticed all the meatless brand choices offered at your local supermarkets and health food stores today. Brands such as Morningstar Farms, Boca, and Weight Watchers all manufacture products designed to spice up your meal times without using meat.

These meatless products are comprised mostly of soy and other seasonings, making them both nutritious and tasty. Soy is incredibly good for you. Studies have shown that ingesting only 25 grams of soy protein on a daily basis can lower your cholesterol level significantly.

Soy is also easily digestible and provides all of the nine essential amino acids necessary for your body’s nutritional balance. Soy can easily be called ‘a wonder food.’ It takes much less water and space to produce a pound of soy than it does to produce a pound of beef and offers much more nutrition.

Plus, it’s one of the healthiest sources of protein on Earth. When you plan meals that include soy, you can be assured of getting the most ‘bang’ for your buck and help your family retain or regain their health.

The humble soybean has been widely utilized in Asian countries and is considered one of the five ‘sacred’ grains. Soybeans were eventually introduced to America and other western countries in the mid-1700s.

Meatless products have virtually changed the way we think about meat and cooking healthy meals. It’s easier to plan meals and save money and time with all the products that are available to us today.

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