Herbs That Promote Happiness

Herbs That Promote Happiness
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The daily grind of life can be hard enough, but when you add in different appointments and stressful issues it can become difficult to stay happy. You may find yourself falling into a depression, or just not feeling yourself. Unfortunately, if you allow this to go on for too long, you may have an increasingly difficult time coming back from the unhappy feelings that your daily stress can cause. If this sounds like your current mood, here are some herbs that can help promote happiness in your daily life.


When you think of herbs that help with mood, you may immediately think of something like St. John’s Wort. Though this can help to stabilize mood over time, passionflower can actually help keep you calm almost immediately. You may be thinking that calm is not the same as happiness, and this is true. However, many people have found that the calming effects of passionflower allow them to step back from their stress and issues and use that calm to find their happiness again. A sort of calm inside the eye of the storm type of viewpoint. Though this may not work for everyone it is helpful for those experiencing issues of being able to step back and calm down from the chaos they are experiencing.


Though you may think that mentioning cannabis is a joke, it honestly is not. In fact, in many states where the use of cannabis is now legalized, doctors are prescribing the herb as an alternative to chemical options for depression and anxiety. It can be taken in small doses and can be beneficial in helping to improve mood and reduce stress while also reducing the issues that go hand in hand with anxiety and sadness.


If you find that your depression or feelings of unhappiness occur toward the end of the day, then you may want to consider using chamomile. This flower can be dehydrated and used in hot tea before bed. It can also be used throughout the day in small doses as a tincture that can be taken straight or added to tea and other drinks. The flower helps to calm your nerves and push back feelings of being overwhelmed which can lead to feelings of depression and sadness.


Valerian root is the most common of the calming, soothing, and happiness-triggering herbs on the market. It is easily found in most health food stores and can be taken in capsules, whole herbs, tea, or liquid forms. It can also be given, under the watchful eye of a doctor, to younger children who may be experiencing mild issues with depression.

The key to remember with these happiness-inducing herbs is that it may take only one or a mixture of the herbs to work. You may find that you need to try a few options before you come upon the right one that works for you. If you do this, make sure to keep a journal of what you tried and how you reacted to each method so you can ensure you remember what worked in order to use it properly again.

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