Easy Tips for Traveling While on a Plant-Based Diet

Easy Tips for Traveling While on a Plant-Based Diet
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One of the lifestyle changes you will need to make when you switch to a plant-based diet is related to traveling. No longer can you just eat whatever the airplane provides or stop by any restaurant or café. Many places offer vegan options, but many are still very limited. Here are some tips for traveling while on a plant-based diet.

Do Your Research First

Before you start traveling, do as much research as you can. You are looking into all the cities you will be in, as well as what your airplane is going to serve if there is food at your hotel and what kind, and what restaurants are around. Don’t just look at restaurants near your hotel, since you are probably going to explore the city. Look around town, near tourist spots you want to visit and make sure you look up their menus for vegan options. If you are going on a road trip, look at any stops along the way that have plant-based options for you.

Bring Your Own Snacks

When all else fails, having some vegan snacks with you will help with any situations that might arise. Plus, these are great to have with you on road trips when you’re not sure where all the convenience stores are. Some snacks that travel well include fruit like bananas, apples, and pears. You can bring bags of your own homemade trail mix, granola, or some vegan protein bars. Bags of nuts and seeds are another excellent option.

Tell Your Host About Your Diet

If you will be staying with family or friends, just let them know ahead of time that you are on a plant-based or vegan diet. They don’t need to change all their meals just for you, but it does help them when meal planning to at least have a few meatless options that you will be able to enjoy.

Find Out What the Plane is Serving

This is absolutely essential if you are going on a long trip on an airplane. If it’s just a few-hour flight, you could always find something to eat at the airport or a restaurant near there. However, longer flights require you to eat onboard, so unless you can bring enough food with you, you will need to choose from onboard menu items. When choosing your airline, look to see which has the best food options, and always be prepared with snacks just in case the vegan options sell out.

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